Writing An Outstanding APA Research Paper: 10 Things To Know

If you need to compose a research paper using the APA style, you need to keep many details in mind. In general, the APA (American Psychological Association) style is something that is used for projects in the realm of social sciences. This is a style which is meant to format projects in a specific way. Inserting citations, and rendering footnotes and page references must be done in accordance with particular principles. There are hundreds of manuals that can teach you how to do the formatting in such a way that it meets all the demands of the APA style.

However, this style is not only about the intervals and the font size. There are certain demands regarding the very language that you use in your work and the style you give to the text. Below, you will find several essential points that will help you write a winning research paper.

  • Always remember that you must not mix up different styles.
  • Before you start writing, make sure that you have enough reference information regarding the APA formatting demands.
  • The APA style allows usage of the personal pronouns “I” and “we”, when referring to you and your colleagues—in case they have worked over the project with you. Always speak about the authors (“we”) directly instead of using passive voice forms.
  • At the same time, make sure that you are not speaking about yourself and your colleagues more than about the study.
  • Be concise and use simple sentences. Remember that your readers might be confused by too many details within one phrase. Avoid using complicated or meaningless words that can be omitted naturally.
  • Make sure that all your explanations are clear and informative for your readers. Keep in mind the fact that your project may be read by people who are not as knowledgeable about the subject as you are. They may need a more detailed and simple explanation.
  • Be careful with terms and special words—they can be quite obscure for common readers. Instead of technical terms, use the most precise determinations that can be found among simple words.
  • If it’s not required by the topic and the field of your study, try to minimize the number of poetic or artistic tools that you use to express a certain idea. Reduce the quantity of metaphors and comparison if it’s not in the subject of your project. You don’t need any specific rhythm, rhymes, or any other tricks in your text unless you are using citations.
  • If you need attributes, choose the simplest available words that convey the sense clearly enough.