Useful Advice On How To Make A Good Research Paper Title

There are very few students who really enjoy writing a good research paper- believe it or not, they do exist. However, it is likely that you are not one of them. Students who do not enjoy the work that they are doing are likely to get poor grades on assignments unless they are willing to put in a bit of extra effort. Some teachers are unnecessarily critical of small details that would otherwise be unimportant to the assignment, and if you are already struggling to write a good paper, this can be damaging to the final score you receive. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do in order to boost this grade. One good thing to try is creating a good title for your research paper. Here’s how to do just that.

Consider Your Topic

The topic that you choose will start to dictate the variety of names that you can assign to your writing. You want to think about what your topic will be overall, what the main point of your research paper is, and what your teacher expects from you. Your title should portray this in one brief statement; preferably no more than a couple words.

Think About How Critical the Paper Will Be

Is your assignment meant to be serious? Are you writing about a grim topic? If so, then you may want to consider a more serious and dramatic name for your work. However, if you want to come across as light-hearted, fun, and perhaps even comedic, then you should try to add a sense of humor to the title. This will make a big difference right away. Avoid using plain words that won’t catch the reader’s attention.

Strong Words to Draw in the Audience

Students often make the mistake of choosing words that are constantly seen . The whole point of your title is to get the readers excited about the piece they are about to read. Truly, research papers are usually more enjoyable to read than they are to write. Make it easier for your teacher as they grade your work, and you will receive better points. One of the best things to do is consider newspaper headlines. These are written with the idea that the newspaper will not sell if the article titles and headlines to not immediately bring in the readers. The words you choose to incorporate will be the main seller for your paper before your professor even gets into the first sentence.