The Top 25 Most Interesting Research Paper Topics You Can Cover

This is an interactive article that lists by way of suggestion no more than twenty-five of what could be the most interesting research paper topics that students could cover. It is particularly of use if teachers and/or lecturers give students carte blanche to choose freely their own research assignments.

Mission possible

The objective should always be to find something original to talk about and provide readers with a fresh perspective on already familiar subjects. Having said that, the challenge of recreating a top twenty-five list (in any form) will always be prevalent. Whether students choose these suggested topics or not, the purpose here is to encourage students to persist with the creative exercise of continuously seeking out new ideas. The first half of this list covers ancient events and/or similar subjects that have occurred before the twentieth century. The next half of the list deals with more recent occurrences and subjects that have come to the fore.

Zany ideas

Here’s the first half of this random list, beginning with earth’s history before the advent of humankind.

  1. Aliens before dinosaurs
  2. Adam and Steve
  3. Cain and his disabled brother
  4. Noah and the Whales
  5. Pyramids and phallic symbols
  6. Who invented money?
  7. The true Arian race
  8. Why was a healthy fruit forbidden?
  9. Did dinosaurs enjoy sex?
  10. God as a non-sexual being

More not so crazy ideas

Finally, more recent topics students could cover.

  1. Discuss why Obama is not black
  2. Investigate Hitler’s true name
  3. Is Arnold Schwarzenegger the anti-Christ?
  4. Why Trump will be a good president
  5. Discuss the true reasons behind the rise of IS
  6. Who will launch the first nuclear missile?
  7. How humankind will survive (or not) fifty years from now
  8. Will Africa ever have a white president again?
  9. Should gays and lesbians have their own public restrooms?
  10. Discuss the true meaning of Pope
  11. What would Gandhi do today if he were alive?
  12. Why is Jacob Zuma the world’s highest paid president?
  13. Where are the aliens?
  14. The world’s happiest nation
  15. Why Uruguay’s president is poor

This list is by no means restricted but by now readers will have a clear impression of what it can do for them by way of encouraging them to explore and expand on topics and by seeking out original and fresh objective arguments, proposals or talking points.