List Of 18 Offbeat Dissertation Topics Related To Journalism

Journalism students that are writing a dissertation want to pick a topic that required a lot of research. When you are picking a topic, research is important but for journalism students it is the reason the want to write the stories, they have to find the facts and that is why their topics need to be well researched with tons of information to back up what they are telling the reader. This list will give you some topics that you can use for your journalism dissertation.

18 Journalism Topics

  1. There is a rise in sexual assault and rape on college campuses; you can look at your campus and others to see if there is a pattern.
  2. Is multitasking destroying the way we learn? There are studies that say we can’t comprehend information while we are multitasking but the school requires us to do so, is it hurting us?
  3. Do students that pay their way through school do better or worse than students that don’t?
  4. Does having more diversity in universities make them better than other schools?
  5. Student debt is on the rise and more and more students graduate college with debt. How does that affect the way the find jobs and can become an adult after graduating?
  6. Exams are how instructors gauge the knowledge of their students but have instructors relied too much on it as a teaching tool?
  7. Research now can be done in just a few seconds online. Has the research habits and skills that we learn from this hurt us?
  8. Why do LGBT students feel more secure on college campuses than they did at high school?
  9. Why do women score lower on political knowledge than men do?
  10. How do students from rural and non-rural schools feel about their education?
  11. Is taking time off during school a good thing or bad thing?
  12. Are zero tolerance laws hurting students?
  13. How do people change after they graduate college or high school?
  14. How is it different to find a job now than it was 20 years ago?
  15. How have students changed since the digital age?
  16. What is the main health issue that students face on campus?
  17. What is life like now for the average college graduate compared to 20 or even just 10 years ago?
  18. Has the Internet made journalism harder or easier?

This should give you some ideas and you can get assistance from this website if you need more help.