How Do You Write A Good History Research Paper Proposal?

Whether you are taking history courses in your college or preparing to obtain a BA, MA or PhD degree in history at the university, at some point, you may need to compose a research paper proposal. Though this kind of work seems tedious at first glance, it’s hard to overestimate its value for the final project. Firstly, it structures the process of a survey properly, which will save you a great deal of time and effort. Secondly, it will help your professor understand your scientific interests better and guide your work more effectively.

Main Steps of Creating Your Research Paper Proposal

  1. Make a list of possible subjects.
  2. Choose among the range of suggested variants the ones you are most curious about. Which of them look topical and promising?

  3. Previously check the information available on the chosen issues.
  4. Thus, you will be able to determine your paper topic clearly. Based on the results of your brief study, choose one topic from your list, which seems the best to you.

  5. Search for the relevant sources.
  6. Use the materials from local libraries and online resources to obtain more knowledge on the subject you’ve picked. It will help you identify the main thesis of your research and express it in the paper title correctly.

  7. Prepare a bibliography.
  8. Providing a bibliography of the key sources you plan to use in your survey is an obligatory part of each proposal. It should demonstrate that you have a good grasp of the relevant books, articles, essays etc. Ask your tutor which citation format would be suitable for your paper.

  9. Compose your research paper proposal.
  10. On this stage, it’s time to get it written. Usually such work consists of an introduction, project description, conclusion, and bibliography, but your professor will surely advise you which structure should be used in your case. After the writing job is done, be sure to double-check the result.

Enhancing Chances to Succeed

  • Choose a topic that is really important. Your methodology must be as sound as possible, and your thesis – clear to the readers.
  • Always formulate a thesis that implies vivid discussion and provide enough strong arguments to prove it.
  • Pay attention to a writing style to present your paper successfully. Browse some examples from the internet to get inspired.
  • Mind the appropriate size of your proposal. Size requirements vary depending on the kind of project, so it’s better to consult with your tutor regarding this.