How To Make A Research Paper Longer - 10 Best Tips For College Students

Most students will find themselves in a situation at least once during their academic career where they need to make a paper that they are working on longer. Sometimes your teacher will have assigned you a certain length of paper to write, and after adding all the information you have and making all the points you want to make, your paper still won’t be long enough. In this situation there are several things you can do to make your paper longer:

  1. Do more research
  2. If you find that your paper isn’t long enough, do some more research to find new sources and more information to include.

  3. Add more sources
  4. If you’ve found several sources that say the same thing, you can use more than one in your paper. By showing several sources that say the same thing you’ll also be more thorough.

  5. Explain your sources
  6. It is also acceptable to explain your sources, which will use up a good amount of space.

  7. Explain every quote you use
  8. You should be explaining each quote you use anyway—make sure you include the context and what it means for the argument you are using

  9. Find a second way to explain something
  10. Offering an alternate explanation to your points will make your paper longer and will also help your reader to understand better.

  11. Include a thesis statement for each paragraph
  12. Go through and add a sentence to the beginning of each of your paragraphs outlining what it will cover.

  13. Include a summary sentence for each paragraph
  14. Similarly, you can go through and add a summary sentence to each paragraph to sum up what the main points of it were that your reader should take away.

  15. Explain how you did your research
  16. Explaining how went about finding and analyzing your sources is another way to add a whole section to your paper.

  17. Change the margins
  18. If you are close to the required length and can’t think of anything else to add, you can always change the margins a bit to make the paper a little longer. Just be sure to not change them too much from the normal.

  19. Play with the spacing
  20. You can also change the spacing a bit to make the paper a little longer. This can mean adding an extra line space after headings or at the end of sections.