Advice On How To Cite In An MLA Format Research Paper

Different formats of research papers have different styles of making in-text citations and crafting lists of references. If you’re asked to write a paper in the MLA format, you should learn the basics of MLA citing. If you format your citations in a wrong way, your final grade will be significantly lowered even if the contents of your paper are great.

Guidelines on How to Make in-Text Citations in MLA Research Papers

There are two ways to cite a basic written source that has one author. The first one is to mention the name of the author in a sentence that you put the citation in and add the page number of the source from which the citation originates in the parenthesis after this sentence. For example:

Parker stated that “the text of the citation” (152).

To learn more about the cited source, the reader can open a Works Cited section of the research paper and look for the item that starts with the name Parker.

The second way is not to mention the name of the author in the actual sentence but put it in the parenthesis before the page number. For example:

Romantic poetry is characterized by “the text of the citation” (Parker 152).

To learn more about citing different types of sources in the MLA style, it’s advisable to acquire the MLA Handbook (8th edition.)

How to Create a Reference in the MLA Style

In your bibliography, you should list all sources that you’ve cited in the text. It’s important that each item in the list is formatted properly. Make sure to follow this order:

  1. The Author;

  2. The title of the source;

  3. The title of the container;

  4. Other contributors;

  5. The version;

  6. The number;

  7. The publisher;

  8. The publication date;

  9. The location.

Getting Assistance with Formatting Your Research Paper

They’ll help you format and edit your paper. On your request, they can even provide you with a custom-written academic work on any topic.

In brief, there is nothing difficult in citing the sources in the MLA format correctly. You should just examine the requirements in your assignment guidelines carefully. If some aspects of the format are unclear to you, approach your instructor for clarifications. If you’re unsure whether you’ve formatted your paper correctly, it’s advisable to invite a professional editor for examination of your document before the submission.