A Selection Of Creative Research Paper Topics For Junior High School Students

Junior high students will learn the basics of formal and academic writing. They will know the different formats and be expected to use them. They will know how to use citations and how to create a reference page. While everything may be at a lower level and a shorter length, they will be required to understand and use the rules of formal writing. That means that they may have to write several research papers. Use our selection of creative research paper topics for junior high students, as they get ready to compose this project.

Creative Topics for Junior High Students

  • Dystopian novels-there is a great attraction for JH kids to dystopian novels. You could explore this trend; you could pick a novel and discuss the themes, characters, plot, setting, theme, or symbols. Or you could compare and contrast two dystopian novels.
  • The mean girl books-again, these books are very popular with JH girls. You can explore why the girls, who would never want to be bullied, would be attracted to such a feature. Or you could pick one of the novels and look at the theme, characters, symbols, or conflicts. You could also pick two of those books and compare and contrast them.
  • Poetry and music-JH kids love poetry (tough they might not admit it) and they love poetry. Have the kids do a compare and contrast with a poem to a favorite song. Also, the students like rap music and you could have them write about rap artists who have written poetry such as Tupac. Just make sure the poems are not R-rated.
  • Junior high students and heroes-the kids are looking for role models, but challenge them to look beyond ORod and Kanye. Ask them to find a real hero, who has changed the world for the better place, and discuss this person. Heroes change lives, they do not make music or movies.
  • Children like to have a say in their education. They just do not always want to say their thoughts out loud. As you seek a creative research paper topic, consider having the studies write about Ipad and laptop schools. Seek their opinion on the positives and the negatives for such schools. You could also ask them to do the same with the idea of school uniforms. Kids are very passionate about this subject.