Step-by-Step Tutorial on Writing a Research Paper about the History of Accounting

You have probably come to the end of the school term, and your professor has instructed you to write an important research paper. Instead of giving you free reign on the topic, your professor specified that it should be about the history of accounting. You are excited about the specific, but not-so-specific, topic but have no idea how to go about starting. Here is a step-by-step on how to successfully begin and complete your writing.

Know and understand that the topic you need to write about

Your professor might have just thrown out “write about the history of accounting” but they did not tell you how to go about it. Be sure to understand what style of writing they want your research paper to be on and if there are additional things that they want you to include. History is a long time so ask your professor if they are looking for a specific time in history or if they are letting you choose a certain time.

Come up with a thesis statement

After questioning your professor about what they want, come up with a thesis statement. No worries, your thesis statement is allowed to change. This change may come from the study you do afterward or simply from you changing your mind. However, once you start writing, try and stick to your thesis statement.

Research your topic

Based on the topic and your thesis statement, you will need to find some useful information. Your school or local library is a great place to start. Be sure that the information you obtain comes from credible sources.

Make an outline

This is important. The outline helps you get your ideas together and will help in the flow of your paper. As you gather more information, the outline is likely to change, regarding sub-topics. The basics of the outline will remain the same.

Write your first draft

Based on the useful information you found and the outline you made, you can start writing your first draft. No worries. It does not need to be perfect right now.

Peer editing

Get someone with a keen eye to read through your work. Encourage them to ask questions on certain aspects of your paper that they do not understand. These questions will help you in writing a great paper.

Write a second draft

Based on the feedback you received, you write your second draft adding and subtracting ideas.


You may make the revision or ask a professor or a peer to do this for you.


Make sure that they are writing in the correct format.

Final Revision

Before submitting the finished work, be sure that everything is in place and that the paper has a flow to it and that it supports your thesis statement.

The above tutorial is generalized. However, after reading and following these step-by-step instructions on how to write your paper, completing it will be a breeze, and you will be stress-free knowing that you had something useful in every step of the way.