Creating A Great Thesis Statement For A Research Paper On Sports

A thesis statement is an important part of any research paper. It helps your readers understand why you have decided to explore the chosen subject, which findings you expect to receive as a result, and how you evaluate the meaning of this investigation for the science.

Even the most experienced writers may have problems when they need to compose a good thesis statement. No wonder that most students see the process of creation of a thesis statement as something tough and challenging. There are several tips, however, and these tips can help you a lot if you don’t know how to come up with an interesting idea for a research paper about sports.

How to Come Up with a Research Paper Thesis Statement

If you need helpful ideas, you should turn to your teacher first and then to the Internet. The Web provides numerous resources where you can find both practical and theoretical help. There are professional teachers who can suggest ideas, writing labs with their advisory support, and many other websites dedicated to academic writing that can even offer samples of interesting thesis statements.

Composing a Research Paper Thesis Statement Yourself

  1. Explore your topic.
  2. If you already have a topic, take some time for a brainstorming session. If you have none yet, choose the one that will make you feel excited about the process of researching. You need to always keep in mind the peculiarity of your audience, their understanding of the subject and interest towards it. If you’re an athlete and trying to persuade your classmates that sports are great, find a topic that will allow you to discover all the advantages of doing sports. If you’re exploring a certain kind of sports, make sure that the topic isn’t too deep but interesting for your audience.

  3. Follow the structure.
  4. Your thesis statement stays in a close connection with the structure of your paper. There are three typical formulas for a good thesis statement that sound professional and informative: Something happens because of something (“Swimmers have the strongest immune system among all other athletes because of the active work of the whole body in cool water”); for certain reasons, something happens (“Baseball is America’s national kind of sports, this is why it has been the favorite through centuries”); in spite of something, something different happens (“Although soccer is highly popular in the USA, football’s not going to drop out of the America’s four favorite kinds of sports”).