The Most Interesting Research Paper Topics: 10 Areas To Investigate

Picking a topic that will make your work stand out and also stop you from getting bored with the project is simple. When you are preparing for this project consider these 10 areas to investigate for your work.

  1. Look at the research being done with stem cells and contrast how these valuable biological tools can help science and medicine but also present challenging ethical questions for researchers.
  2. Review abortion and its implications worldwide for women and men, look at how to balance the rights of the woman and the man in making the decision for abortion, should a man be able to force a woman to carry a child?
  3. Review affirmative action policies worldwide and how some countries have been able to balance business, race and education in stopping discrimination or reverse discrimination.
  4. Review how countries effectively and ineffectively separate church and state in the governing of their country, look at countries that incorporate religious teachings into their laws and the impact that has in their society.
  5. Should governments be based on religious teachings and should their country wide policies seek to guide their people towards one deity? Is it government’s responsibility to ensure that people follow religious laws?
  6. Should standardized testing be implemented worldwide to bring the education of all children up to a minimal standard?
  7. How should teachers be selected for the classroom? Is it sufficient to have passed the basic level courses themselves or should an appropriate degree be required in addition to the teaching certificate?
  8. Should teachers be selected from the industry rather than from a college program and is the educational system prepared to adequately compensate true professionals to educate the next generation in the classroom?
  9. Has the internet and internet access by young children increased their knowledge or has it essentially corrupted their minds and filled them with unnecessary exposure to bad topics?
  10. Are there truly health benefits to using medical marijuana or are those who advocate its use just trying to legalize their drug dependent habit. What are the results in areas where this drug is legal and should it be legalized everywhere?

No matter which of these areas you choose for your topic you will find large amounts of material to investigate and use in your writing to complete your required work.