10 Basic Elements Of A Good Research Paper Written In APA Style

Sometimes, high school students have to deal not only with their regular homework but also with difficult academic assignments. You may be instructed to write a research paper in APA style. If you’ve never dealt with such a task before, it’ll be useful for you to learn about the components that your paper should consist of.

Elements of a Well-Written APA Paper

  1. An attention-grabbing title.
  2. The title of your paper should not only give a basic understanding of its contents but also draw the interest of the reader.

  3. An abstract.
  4. An abstract is a brief summation of your paper, including the results of your study. It should be brief and informative.

  5. An introduction.
  6. This chapter should provide the reader with basic information about your topic and give a roadmap to the body chapters.

  7. A literature review.
  8. In this chapter, you should inform the reader about the main schools of thought and researchers related to your study.

  9. Methods.
  10. This chapter should contain information about the methodology that you’ve chosen to conduct your study. Provide detailed descriptions of your actions.

  11. Results.
  12. In this body chapter, you should present the actual outcomes of your study. Provide the reader with exact figures.

  13. Discussion.
  14. Here, you should discuss your results. Tell whether they’ve met your expectations and indicate their significance.

  15. A conclusion.
  16. This chapter summarizes the main points given in previous chapters and conveys the final message of the author.

  17. A bibliography.
  18. Here, you should provide the list of all the sources that you’ve used in your research and referenced in your text.

  19. Appendices.
  20. This section should contain additional materials that couldn’t have been placed in the middle of the paper, like tables, graphs, and so on.

    Getting Help with Writing Your Paper

    To compose a great paper, it’s advisable to consult some professionals before you start doing anything. You should regularly visit your instructor to make sure that you take all your steps in completing this task right.

    To improve your writing skills, you may attend local academic centers. There, you’ll be able to take good writing courses. They may also provide you with high-quality sample papers that can make your work much easier.

    Instead of writing your paper by yourself, you may hire a third party to complete your assignment in exchange for money. There are many online academic writing companies and freelancers that can provide you with excellent custom-written research papers. Check their reliability before hiring them, however.